GE Healthcare

Design Evolution and Brand Consistency

McMillan Group has been designing GE Healthcare exhibits at various times since 1993, but sequentially and annually, since 2007 and mainly for the Radiological Society of North America show. GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services. They are experts in medical imaging and information technologies worldwide. While the design has evolved over the years, the Brand image is consistent. The exhibit is based on an infrastructure that is reconfigured but changes with the theme and the resulting treatment, on top of the “skeletal” structure.



“Thanks for delivering another outstanding RSNA. The booth design, graphics and messaging were simple, elegant and impactful. Displays were customer focused and value propositions were visible. Our demonstrators and our customers could feel the difference!  I walked the show floor and didn’t see another exhibit or show that was as fresh and inviting as the one you all helped put together."


                                                       Brian Johnson, Manager Global Marketing Communications, GE Healthcare

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